For the last 6 months, I have had my team doing countless hours of research and development. There has been some blood, sweat and tears shed over this project.

(Ok, maybe not blood, but there were times they were seeing red).

I told the team that I wanted to bring you a product that is powerful, that out performs our competitors and changes the course of your business. I have pushed them, challenged them, and celebrated with them.

They’re about ready for you to see what they’ve been working on, but I promised I would keep it a secret for one more week. But I suck at keeping secrets. So I made you this:

I’m like that kid that tries to sneak a peek at the gifts under the tree before Christmas morning …

Or at least giving them a good shake to see if I can guess what’s inside that shiny paper box.

And because I’m so terrible at keeping secrets, watch your email for more clues on what we are so excited to show you!

All will be revealed on Black Friday!

Talk soon,