There is one major thing missing in your real estate business. You probably don’t even realize it.

See, we think we have it. We think it’s there, but it really isn’t. Even if it is, it most likely isn’t at the level that it needs to be in order for you to achieve your business goals.

What am I talking about?


Let’s dig in to this a little bit. Many times we actually think that we are taking action, and we may be. However, it’s usually the absolute wrong type of action. What a lot of us do, including myself, is action on the level of “busywork”.

Why do we do that? Why do we tackle things like organizing the office, cleaning up our computer, sifting through emails, working on a document or a flowchart to make it prettier. These are all things that need to be done, but there is a specific time to do them.

Those things should be done during buffer time.

When I say action, what I mean is revenue producing action. The action of the drives your business forward. The action that puts money in your bank account.

Will organizing your office do that? No way. You might argue with yourself and say “well I need to do this so I can be more productive”. I say bull!

There is only one thing that is going to put money in your bank account. That is going to pay the bills. That is going to ultimately give you the lifestyle that you want. That thing is doing deals.

You will never do a single deal unless you’re talking to the prospects. You will never talk to prospects unless you are generating leads.

Looking at it that way, it makes it very simple doesn’t it? The action I need to be taking is generating leads.

Here’s how to do this. Set aside a specific time each week, or even each day. Depending on the action you’re doing. What works best for me is to set aside two or three days per week and 2 to 3 hours on each one of those days as my top “action time”.

If I set aside two days per week and three hours on each of those days to work on lead generation for my business, what would happen?

On the first day I will probably do planning. Decide what mediums I was going to use for marketing. Structure a plan. Write out a course of action so I know exactly what to do. You could easily get something like that done in 2 to 3 hours.

The next action day I would gather the resources needed for the lead generation I was doing. I would make phone calls or order supplies if needed. Whatever it was I would continue preparing.

I would have a deadline which I created during my first time block, a deadline to when my marketing would actually start. Whatever type of marketing that was.

Then simply work towards that deadline on each action day and before you know it you’re Lead generation is happening. Guess what happens next?

The phone rings.

And then it rings again. And again. It rings with prospective sellers on the other end of the line interested in selling their house.

I talk to enough of them and I find some prospective motivated sellers that might work for my criteria. The more you do this the more success you will have. You will close deals. You will close more and more deals. Your business will grow.

Whether you’re new to real estate and haven’t done your first deal yet, or you’re a seasoned pro that is consistently having success. I challenge you to implement the strategy.

What’s going to happen when you create a dedicated action plan and stick to it? Put it on your calendar. Nothing gets in the way of that appointment with your action. I guarantee you will see incredible results.

The one thing missing in your business is action. The good news is you can correct that. Just make a plan and take action!