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Today, users are now able to see how many total views their Google+ profile or page, posts, and photos have been viewed by others.

Users will notice a new “views” number under the follow button for their profile and page, as well as those of other Google+ users. This number represents the approximate number of times a Google+ profile or page has been viewed as well as the number of times their posts and photos has been viewed. It essentially an aggregate number to give a peek into how popular the content of the profile or page has been. It is also replacing the +1 button on Google+ Pages which did seem to be a bit of an oddity since if you like a page enough to +1 it, then you probably like it enough to follow it.

This is excellent information, since now you’ll be able to understand how many views your marketing is getting, when to improve/test and so on.

Get started implementing this method right away. It’ll pay off really soon.

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