I was set up to fail from the beginning, and I believe that you were too.

Just like you probably did, I had this great vision of starting the new year by exploding into it with passion and direction. Knowing exactly what I wanted to do, and how to do it. Having my goals all set and a great action plan in place.

That’s what we’re taught to do right? Don’t all of the self-help gurus tell us to get our goals in place, start the new year off right? Have a plan of action? The new year… This is the time to start fresh! This is the time to fix everything you’ve been doing wrong!

Set up to fail…

That’s not quite how it happened. Let me explain.

I had every intention of having my entire year mapped out. Have my game plan in place. I had a date that I was going to start implementing everything.

Something out of my control happened. I became ill.

I rarely get sick, and when I do it hits me pretty hard. I believe it’s because I have a pretty strong immune system and when a bug gets me, it’s pretty well knocks the crap out of me for a period of time.

You know when you have a bad bug, you’re simply out of commission. You don’t feel like doing anything. Your mind can’t focus and you just can’t get it together. That was me.

Unfortunately, this happened right during the time I was to be doing all of my planning. My entire plan got pushed back for a full week.

Oh no! I’m already into the new year! I’m not ready! My whole year is now ruined…

I could easily let that thought process take over and use it as an excuse to not move forward couldn’t I? That’s what a lot of people do isn’t it?

Yes, it is. Why? Because that’s what we’ve been taught. We’ve been taught that the new year is the time to start over.


Now I’m going to get to the point of the story. The new year can certainly be a time to start over. It’s a great excuse.

The reality is, it’s simply a self imposed time. Who creates time constraints? We do. We created the calendar. We created the clock. It’s all man made.

Sure the earth does a full rotation on its axis once every 24 hours. Sure the earth revolves around the sun once every 365 days.

There’s a much more powerful way to use the concept of time. Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself to start the new “year” out right, you can actually do it whenever you choose.

If you’ve had a rough week, decide that Sunday or Monday will be your new start. You’re going to start over. If you’ve have a rough day, decide that tomorrow will that your new start. You can actually start every hour off fresh, review every minute if you choose.

That’s a bit unrealistic, but a new day? Certainly realistic. A new week? Absolutely doable.

How did I fix this? How did I not let the self-imposed pressure of starting the new year right ruin my entire year?

Simple. I just removed that unrealistic expectation. It’s simply a date on the calendar. A time on the clock. All I did was chose to start my year one week later. And I’m behind schedule? A little. Will I catch up? Absolutely!

How’s your new year she being so far? Did you write down all your goals like the gurus tell you to do? Is your plan in place? Are you working your plan?

This not, it’s okay. Choose to start now. Create your plan and start working your plan as soon as possible. Tomorrow? Monday? Just do it. Set your date and do it.

Everyone has setbacks. You do. I do. It’s part of life. The objective is to realize why a setback happens, make adjustments, and forge ahead. That’s our only option right? Forge ahead. Persevere.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Have an awesome day!

David Corbaley