Lead Management and Development for Real Estate

As your real estate business grows and you start looking at, or managing, multiple properties, it becomes increasingly important to have a standardized lead management system. That lead management system could be something that you develop yourself, or it could be based on popular CRM software such as HubSpot, Salesforce CRM, or other expensive solutions. [...]

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Due Diligence for Real Estate Investors

The lure of profit can be quite seductive for real estate investors, and it’s all too easy to look at a low-priced property and become emotionally invested in it. Many beginner investors become so focused on the idea that they might miss out on something that could be a brilliant investment opportunity that they will [...]

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Why You Should Add Probate Real Estate to Your List of Leads

The goal of any real estate investor is to find profitable leads to generate long term wealth and a steady cash flow. Finding properties that will provide a rapid return on investment can be a challenge, however. If you’re paying close to market value for a property, then it could take several years for it [...]

Understanding Owner Financing for Real Estate

Owner financing is something that many sellers reject out of hand, not because it’s a bad idea, but because so few people understand the benefits associated with owner finance. Most people don’t sell homes frequently—they may move two or three times in their adult lives. Their knowledge of the real estate market is restricted to [...]

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Why Getting Personal and Local Is the Best Way to Approach Marketing

Lead generation is something that people love to talk about in the real estate industry. Today, the term “lead generation” is one that is instantly associated with working online. People think of social media, infographics, guest blogging, mailing lists and PPC marketing. They don’t think about offline marketing so much, but really, for things like [...]

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The Challenges of Buying a Foreclosure Home

A lot of investors are lured into the world of property by the prospect of getting a great deal on a foreclosure. On paper, foreclosure properties are a really good option for investors. The banks sell them at a fraction of the value of the property, looking to recoup some of the debt that the [...]

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Types Of Real Estate Deals To Target

Should I Be A Transaction Engineer? I’ve heard many people state that in real estate investing we need to be a ”transaction engineer”. I totally agree with that, but I want to throw in a variable. If you are an engineer that designs bridges, would you design a bridge that is supposed to support a [...]

How To SEO Optimize Your Real Estate Investing Website

The Key To Motivated Seller Leads Online Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a method by which you can strategically plan and design your website in order to drive organic (unpaid) traffic. This traffic will drive your site higher in search engine rankings and deliver more qualified leads straight to your door (or [...]

Marketing Commando Cheat Sheet For Real Estate Investing

Is There A Secret To Real Estate investing? If there’s any secret to real estate investing, it’s this: only a healthy combination of motivation, resources, and strategic partnerships can skyrocket you to a bright future as an investor. There’s no single method that’s better than others, no guarantee of success in any particular city. If [...]

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Can Hiring A bird Dog Get you Into Legal Trouble?

When you’re running a real estate investment business, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to find motivated seller leads. There are dozens of possible methods you can use, and the one I’d like to explore in detail today is using bird-dogs. There are some real estate investors who swear by them and others who [...]

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