Types Of Real Estate Deals To Target

Should I Be A Transaction Engineer? I’ve heard many people state that in real estate investing we need to be a ”transaction engineer”. I totally agree with that, but I want to throw in a variable. If you are an engineer that designs bridges, would you design a bridge that is supposed to support a [...]

How To SEO Optimize Your Real Estate Investing Website

The Key To Motivated Seller Leads Online Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a method by which you can strategically plan and design your website in order to drive organic (unpaid) traffic. This traffic will drive your site higher in search engine rankings and deliver more qualified leads straight to your door (or [...]

Top Time Management Hacks to Turbo Boost Your Day

Top 7 Time Management Hacks to Turbo-Boost Productivity Do you feel like you’re in a constant battle with the clock? It can leave you wishing you could fire the person responsible for making only 24 hours available in each and every day. But the grim reality is exactly that – there really are only 24 [...]

Is Inbound or Outbound Marketing Better for Generating Motivated Seller Leads?

Motivated seller leads represent the Holy Grail of the real estate investing world. After all, motivated sellers are already in the mindset of wanting to sell, have a sense of urgency, and are actively seeking help, all of which translates into a high degree readiness to make a deal. Finding those motivated sellers, however, is [...]

What Does the Short Sale Process Really Look Like? Part 2

Today’s jam-packed post is a follow-up to last week’s about short sales in which I covered a lot of solid information about the basics of short sales. I started by explaining the difference between short sales and foreclosures, and I talked about the key players who are involved in both types of strategies: the homeowner, [...]

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Instawho? See how smart investors are hoarding their results on Instagram

Most of you are probably using some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)  in one way or another as part of your marketing plan to find or connect with motivated sellers. But if you're not using Instagram, you could missing out on a much larger seller audience AND potential investors just through the simple [...]

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REI Power Summit – What You Need to Know

If you haven't heard about it yet, take note. America's most powerful Real Estate Investing Summit is coming to a computer near you! It's 100% online.  9 days of workshops.  Over 50+ experts (the best in the biz).  It's designed to fit your lifestyle and developed to help you take your business to the next [...]

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How to Talk to a Seller [Listen to This]

Talking to a seller can be intimidating .. but it shouldn't be. To make it a little less stressful (for both of you), I've re-created a call that I recently had so you can listen to how simple it can be. The key is 'just have a conversation'. Get to know them, their current situation, [...]

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Answers From A Nomad

Click play to watch the real estate answers video.   I've been a Nomad for the past month. Roaming from place to place in Southern California. Thankful that my business has allowed me the freedom to do this. I will be settled in a new place this week, so watch out for some great new [...]

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The Easiest Way To Grow Your Business and Make More Money

This is it. Doing this one thing will help you more than anything else...   There's something we all do every day that's simply destroying our chances of success. Or preventing the growth of our current success. It's so simple. Right in front of our nose. Just watch this simple video for the solution.

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