How To SEO Optimize Your Real Estate Investing Website

The Key To Motivated Seller Leads Online Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a method by which you can strategically plan and design your website in order to drive organic (unpaid) traffic. This traffic will drive your site higher in search engine rankings and deliver more qualified leads straight to your door (or [...]

Top Time Management Hacks to Turbo Boost Your Day

Top 7 Time Management Hacks to Turbo-Boost Productivity Do you feel like you’re in a constant battle with the clock? It can leave you wishing you could fire the person responsible for making only 24 hours available in each and every day. But the grim reality is exactly that – there really are only 24 [...]

Organization Basics: Simple Ways to Enhance Your Life and Eliminate Fear

I have helpful exercises to share with you today about getting your head in the right mindset, which is a crucial component for success. These simple, yet effective techniques will afford you the ability to live the life you want with a ‘Success Mindset,’ as I like to call it. I’ve learned these techniques from [...]

Setting (and Actually ACHIEVING) Goals: Here’s How…

Setting goals… does just reading those words make you cringe a bit? Do you oftentimes set goals just to let yourself down when you don’t accomplish them? I get it – been there, done that. You probably feel that pressure regarding goals because you know how important and necessary they are for success. Goals carry [...]

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Here's a great motivational video! Watch it and see how it changes your mindset. Listen to the words. Lets them soak in. Tell me what you think below.

ONE (1) Productivity Hack that will Change 2016

I've known for a few years that I could be more productive on a daily basis. If I could learn to be more productive on a daily basis that would mean that weekly, monthly, and yearly that productivity would compound the results of what I was trying to accomplish. I have purchased time management books, [...]

I’m Trashing Your 2016 Resolutions

Here we are.  That month where the finality of 2015 is a harsh reality. It's December, and suddenly all the things you did, didn’t do, and the things you wish you’d done and/or hadn’t done are becoming insanely clear. It's also the time you’re likely to start setting goals for your 2016 self with grandiose New Year’s [...]

Getting Away is Over-Rated

It's possible, like me, that you've considered getting away, even for a day, and decided that it's just not in the cards right now.  There's too much on my plate.  Too many deadlines. Too many people waiting for answers.  I need to do five more things first.  Make some more money. I can't think about [...]

This ONE Tiny Thing Changed My Life

I don't know about you, but some days, my time management sucks. Ok ...  total transparency here ... MOST days my time management sucks. But I doubt I'm alone in this, right? If you're like me, you have multiple email addresses to check and respond to, not to mention phone calls, voicemail, text messages, calendar [...]

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Why I’ve been AWOL the last 7 months

Man, I have missed you guys! Today I took some time to create this special video for you explaining where the heck I’ve been, and how this week, we’re going to do a special free “daily lead method” giveaway!  Check this out: Thanks for watching ... I look forward to your comments below!  

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