Top 7 Excuses You Need to Eliminate to Have a Successful Life

1) “I can’t do it.” Well … if that’s what you’re telling yourself, then that’s what’ll happen. I learn something new every day. Most of the time, not on purpose, if you catch my drift. And when we have smart phones, search engines and YouTube at our finger tips, you can learn how to do [...]

What’s the best way to set up a virtual assistant for real estate?

Click PLAY below on the video to watch. I answer this and many other great questions in this video.   There were some great questions and here are some great answers! Brad asked: "What are your two favorite lead sources and where do you get the mailing lists. Do you prefer post cards or letters?" [...]

Why Did This Real Estate Investor Go Broke?

Click the PLAY button below to watch the video Learn how one investor went broke and how you can avoid this same pitfall...

How We’re Going To Create An Awesome 2015 Together

Watch this video to see your survey results! 00:41 The #1 thing that everybody said they need in their business is __________ 01:06 Announcement of what's coming first part of Jan 02:13 Coaching and deal structuring coming 02:48 Need money for deals? 03:55 Marketing websites to get leads. YOU CAN GET A WEBSITE HERE - [...]

How To Be Massively Productive And Own Your Time

Learn from this nationally known Time-Management Expert how to reclaim your time, and your life. This short interview will give you tools and insights to change the way your work and play. It's a must hear. Click the PLAY button on the player below 3:18: What's What’s one of the main things that keep [...]

Is Your Entire Year Ruined?

I was set up to fail from the beginning, and I believe that you were too. Just like you probably did, I had this great vision of starting the new year by exploding into it with passion and direction. Knowing exactly what I wanted to do, and how to do it. Having my goals all [...]

Why Is The TV On?

I bet you're wondering where that funny title comes from right? Hopefully this post is helpful for you. It isn't about some new real estate strategy, or what you should be doing in today's market etc. This is about how you can get more out of each day and be more productive than ever before. [...]

The One Thing You Need To Be Doing

I'm going to share an amazing book, and a fun story in this post. It's 5:19 am right now on Sat morning. Yes, I'm really sitting here in my dark home office (love the dark) writing this. I guess I'm just excited about the day, so I got up early on a Sat. I'll tell [...]

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