Here’s a real simple way to find vacant houses, people getting ready to move, For Sale By Owners and more!

Think about this; Newspaper delivery people see every single house within a given area of neighborhoods. As well as pizza and mail delivery peeps, among others!

They know when a houses is vacant. They see houses in disrepair. They know when a house gets a foreclosure notice on the house or in the window (bank owned will have something taped on the inside of the window). They know if a tree has fallen on a house, if there’s been a fire. On and on.

Wow! Can you see the potential here?

How to do it:

Find the newspaper delivery person in your area, or even get the contact info for them from a neighbor that gets the paper. You can do this for multiple neighborhoods. You can even figure out what time they typically come by and wait for them.

Next, ask for their contact info and let them know you have an idea and need their help. Tell them they can make some extra money while on their route. Everyone needs extra money… You can even ask when a good time to chat for 10 minutes would be.

Give them a call and let them know what you do and what you need them to do. Tell them that every day, you would like them to be on the lookout for whatever criteria you’re looking for.

Here are some examples:

  • Vacant houses
  • Overgrown houses
  • Houses in disrepair
  • Houses with damage like fire, storm etc.
  • For Sale By Owners

Bonus: If they have someone on their route who cancels because they are moving, have them tell you where the house is. You can easily drop a letter or two in the mail to that address.

Work a deal with the carrier where you’ll pay them 500 or 1000 bucks if you buy a house that they found for you.

You can implement this cool tactic in as many neighborhoods as you want.

Pretty cool right?

Share some of your ideas in the comments below.