When I first got started investing in real estate, there was one major reason for my marketing failures.

I’ll tell you that reason in just a minute…

I was spending hours and hours with my nose buried in “how-to” books about real estate. How to buy and hold. How to wholesale. How to buy subject to the existing financing. How to rehab. You name it, I was reading it.

I was also reading all of the topics on how to market for motivated sellers. Newspaper ads, bandit signs, direct mail, phone book ads, Notes on grocery store bulletin boards. I knew ALL the methods.

Sound familiar?

I certainly knew all the methods to buy real estate. Well, at least half a dozen or so. Plenty to make a fantastic living. I also knew 5 to 10 great ways to find motivated sellers.

However, I was struggling to do even one deal. One.

The reason? It’s a simple reason that most of us are guilty of…


See, I was so busy learning and learning that I failed to take action and implement. I wanted to make sure everything was just right. I wanted to study and practice the caller scripts to make sure I would say just the right thing. I wanted to know exactly how to put together a contract so I didn’t make a mistake and look dumb to the seller.

What I didn’t realize, is that by talking to sellers I would learn exactly what to say. I didn’t realize that I was bound to make mistakes when evaluating property. When putting together an agreement. But that’s how I was going to learn and improve.

Failure to take action is the number one reason why we don’t succeed at something.

Once I bit the bullet and decided to take action, sure, it was a little intimidating.

I can remember very clearly thinking: “Can I really do this?”. “What if the seller tells me to get lost?”. “I don’t want to feel like an idiot”?

These feelings are completely normal! The key is to push past them. Realize they are normal. Feel them, accept them, and push right on past. BEGIN.

I made a video just the other day about how to make a plan that helps you do this.

You can see the video right here–> Click HERE for the video

Action creates results. Period. Take the right actions. Get your marketing out there. Watch that video and make your plan, now.

Talk soon,