Most of you are probably using some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)  in one way or another as part of your marketing plan to find or connect with motivated sellers. But if you’re not using Instagram, you could missing out on a much larger seller audience AND potential investors just through the simple use of images accompanied by HASHTAGS (#).

Real quick > “hashtags” are like keywords which can be used to organize messages on a social network. This also enables the ability to search and group messages with given hashtags. Hashtags are preceded by the pound sign (#) and can be a word or a short phrase (i.e. #webuyhouses or #investingopportunity).

Ok .. so back to why you should be using Instagram!

Check out this example of how someone else is using it awesomely:

instagram example, social media marketing, finding motivated sellers

So the Instagramers over at 2sellhomes in Oklahoma (sorry for the fuzziness) are posting a pic of new home they’re selling. It’s not professional, pretty or anything fancy … taken with their cell phone (you can only post to IG from your phone).  They provide a short description about the property along with contact info (smart). Then they add 5 HASHTAGS that they have found that work well in their market. Notice the last one #investmentproperty.

THEN notice all of the engagement this post is getting (multiple comments, 94 likes).

Also take note at the top right corner where it says “3w” … this means that this was posted 3 weeks ago (I’ll explain why this is important in a sec).

Now check out this post:


Same house, same pic, same hashtags, more engagement, and it says SOLD!  AND look at the top right corner … it says ” 1w”.  Meaning, in two weeks this property went from available to sold in two weeks!

Did Instagram make that happen? I can’t say for sure, but I can’t say it didn’t either!

Let me know if you’re using Instagram and how it’s working for you.  AND make sure you follow us HERE … we will follow back!

p.s. If you’d like further guidelines on using Instagram for your business and other digital marketing training, check our F1 Motivated Seller Leads System