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There are a few simple reasons that cause most people to fail at getting leads consistently. This inevitably causes their business to fail.

In this video I will show you how to follow the traits of highly successful people and avoid the pitfalls. Learn how to get consistent leads for your business by following a few simple steps outlined here.

Follow the “Traits”

Highly successful people often have a set of traits that we can copy. When we copy these traits that successful people use, it’s much easier for us to get similar positive results. Going through life or conducting business with no planned outcome or roadmap will almost always end up in disaster.

Have A Plan

The first thing we need to have in place is a plan. Going about business in a half cocked manner will never be productive. Without a plan, we don’t know what to do on a regular basis. Without knowing what to do on a regular basis we will get minimal results.

What type of marketing are we going to do? Internet marketing, direct mail, bandit signs, a mixture? Of course we should have a minimum of 2 to 4 techniques in place at all times. Never put all of your your eggs in one marketing basket.

What type of prospective seller are we going to target? Out-of-state owners? Foreclosures? High equity? We need to know what our target market is so we can create our message to that market.

Use something like xmind mind mapping software to create your plan visually.

Be Consistent

Most of the time people tend to do things in spurts. They might decide to send 500 direct-mail pieces. That’s it. 500 direct-mail pieces then they sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

The phone is going to ring. It may take some time, but it will happen. Then what?

You will talk to a few prospective sellers and maybe even get a deal or two signed up. You’ll get focused in on that deal and forget all about your marketing strategy. What happens next?

You will finish with that deal, get paid, and spend the money. Then we end up back at square one having to start marketing all over again. This is a terrible roller coaster of revenue. We don’t create a business to have a feast or famine lifestyle. Not being consistent is the best way to get forced into the feast or famine lifestyle.

Be consistent with your plan. Do the same things repeatedly. Let me clarify, things that you know are working. If you’re doing something that doesn’t work, and you continue to do it, well that’s a bit silly now isn’t it?

Focus on the tactics that you know are working. Do them consistently and repeatedly month in and month out and you will get deals consistently. That is how you grow a successful business.

Test and Track

If you send out 1000 direct mail pieces and don’t get a single response because of the target market you chose, would you do it again? I would say no. 1000 is enough to know whether or not you’re going to get a result.

This is called testing. If I send a test mail piece to 500 or 1000 people I will get a certain percentage of response. Based on the percentage, I might tweak the message and send another 500 to 1000 pieces to see if I can get a higher percentage response.

Testing applies to any type of marketing. It’s about the target market. It’s about the medium that you’re using. You can continually test different versions of a direct mail piece. You can certainly test different versions on your website. I love using the Internet to generate leads because it’s so simple to test different things. And it’s free.

When I talk about tracking, I mean knowing where your leads are coming from. If I’m using the Internet, bandit signs, and direct mail and I get a phone call but don’t know what source that phone call came from, I’m really potentially wasting some money. You can use different phone numbers for different marketing sources. We use a service called Callfire where we can get inexpensive phone numbers to use to track different lead sources. It works really well.

Follow Up

When you get a prospective lead, you should be following up immediately. I know this sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people are guilty of not doing so. Fear? Not sure what to say? It doesn’t matter why, most people are simply terrible at follow-up.

If someone leaves a voicemail or submits a response form from your website, you should be contacting them back immediately. They are looking for a solution, and if you don’t provide it promptly, they’ll find one that doesn’t involve you.

Following up repeatedly is also a great practice. If you call someone back and get a voicemail, certainly leave the voicemail but follow up the next day as well. Follow up multiple times and do this as a practice. I have found that a system of following up is much more powerful then just the initial marketing campaign. It greatly multiplies your results. Follow up.

Action Steps

  • Create your Plan

  • Create a Timeline for your Plan

  • BEGIN!

  • Track Results

  • Adjust based on Results

  • Scale

This should serve as a great starting point for you in your marketing efforts. It’s extremely simple, and very effective.

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